Been away for a while. Going to write something proper later on in the week but I’ll leave you with this for now. After the success of Taken which I really enjoyed, Liam Neeson is back with some more shouty, shooty action in “Unknown”     And I’ve just downloaded “22 Bullets” this week… View Post

The sooner this gets a full series the better my life will be. Recommended watch on 4od. Just got one full episode at the moment. My middle name is Graeme, just saying init! Update – Phoneshop got a total of three series’ (2010- 2013) and can be watched in full on Amazon Prime Video.

We all know university has turned me into a lazy person- as can be seen by the lack of blogging. So what better than a whole week off lectures to get stuff done. Hah. This week had all the makings of success. This obviously wasn’t how it panned out however. After my two lectures… View Post

Is it me or does everybody now own a checked shirt? The people I call ‘The Checked Shirt Brigade’ seem to be out in force as per usual on nights out up here- I neither own one or hope to any time soon. Just another one of those fashion trends that I don’t think… View Post