“Reading Week”

We all know university has turned me into a lazy person- as can be seen by the lack of blogging.

So what better than a whole week off lectures to get stuff done. Hah. This week had all the makings of success. This obviously wasn’t how it panned out however.

After my two lectures on Monday and Tuesday I went on a mini adventure to the pastures new of Manchester. Manchester Invasion was a £20 return coach trip that also included a trip to the Printworks complex and five of the clubs inside and a snazzy T-Shirt with challenges and ample writing space for stuff like “RIVERSIDE”, “London Boy”, “OASIS R SHIT” and “I heart various people/ places”. I had a great time here despite quite high alcohol prices that I expected, and met some really cool people from other universities in Leeds 😉 (and none from Liverpool really!)

On an impulse I decided to skip the coach back and stay with a friend up in Manchester University halls.

After getting lost around Madchester’s own equivalent of Chinatown I finally found the pub where he was and we headed back to a place called Fallowfield taking in the sights of the “curry mile.” (Mohassin)

We got back to his flat and somehow ate like 100 £1 Sainsbury’s Chicken Nuggets. (Blame it on the alcohol!) The next day was spent mostly in his room watching YouTube videos and chilling around the flat before properly surfacing at around 6pm due to the fact he had decided on a four week break from lectures and tutorials.

Bearing in mind I had been clubbing, I had no change of clothes whatsoever. This didn’t put me off more clubbing at all though. We hit a club called Joshua Brooks and club Joshy B’s didn’t disappoint. Good music, good atmosphere and I had a good night listening to some dubstep delights. When we left we bumped into some local guys from back home that are right from our neck of the woods but we had somehow never met.

I also discovered a guy with a hairstyle he’d called a “Sidehawk”© which was basically a mohican coming out the side of his head that he assured me everyone would be sporting in the next year!

Headed back to Fallowfield with the Croydon boys and some girls they knew from the halls for a little after party where an old schoolmate decided to trash their flat in a drunken stupor. He had to be put bed so we carried him back to bed as a four.

Then we carried on trying to finish our vodka until 7am. Undiluted sour orange Robinson’s squash was a bad idea for mixer though. We randomly met a nursing student off to practice at 8am who convinced us to walk her to the bus stop as we were still outside drinking. 8-5 is a mad days work though. (Glad for the contact hours I have for Journalism!) We were up and not tired so thought a trip to McDonalds for breakfast a good idea- until we ate the dirtiest bagel ever.

Overall a great two nights away with sound people. I wouldn’t say that it’s better than Sheffers but it’s definitely different! His accommodation, like the Maccy D’s bagel, was what you pay for.

I had to run through Manchester city centre later that day in search of the station where I would catch my 52minute train back to Sheffield. However, I managed to get the wrong one which ended up taking an hour and a half. Oh well- I took in some nature and saw probably the biggest hill/ mountain thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Arriving in Sheffield in my two T-Shirts, jeans and nothing else I was soaked by the pouring rain on the walk to the bus stop.


Yes, very productive…


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