LOOKDWN Founder Josh at the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco

I’m Josh Burrell and welcome to the LOOKDWN Blog, formerly known as “Looking Down the Burrell”.

It’s a blog about travel and my life with a dash of creative writing thrown in.

I’m from London but have recently moved out to Hertfordshire with my fiancée and our rescue dog Leo who is a Picardy Spaniel. I enjoy writing and sharing my life experiences and have been blogging since 2007 alongside, school, then university and now my day job!

From an early age I’ve been interested in the news and current affairs, with fond memories of reading newspapers at my grandparents’ house from about the age of 11.

I have a journalism degree and work in PR, but this  blog allows me to document my travels and the best things to do in London, England and around the world. I enjoy experiencing new events, restaurants and different countries, and try to add a splash of creative writing or poetry on the blog for good measure.

You can get in touch via the social media links at the top of the page or by emailing me Josh@lookdwn.com

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