You know you’re not all there when you try to roll deodorant onto your toothbrush!

Is it me or does everybody now own a checked shirt? The people I call ‘The Checked Shirt Brigade’ seem to be out in force as per usual on nights out up here- I neither own one or hope to any time soon. Just another one of those fashion trends that I don’t think is compatible with my need to not be a clone.

I celebrated my 19th Birthday this week and although it was my second away from home and my family (after an epic night on Birmingham’s Broad Street for my 18th- YouTube search ‘Josh Burrell bday‘!) it felt a bit weird being at uni.

I saw in the night after midnight washing my clothes but then all havoc broke loose when I returned to my flat.

The girls next door had earlier played a drinking game called Centurion where a shot of alcohol is consumed every minute for 100 minutes and sure enough, vomit and passing out was what followed.

I’m assured by the winner (you know who you are) that it was not worth the win while holding her head over her toilet and trying to get her to drink water on the beginning of my birthday! Video footage of the night is coming soon, but it’s not for the faint hearted. I did win like £5 from guessing the nearest order that they’d drop out.

Carnage was another highlight of recent weeks. After the chaos and mayhem of the first of these bar crawls in Sheffield where Philip Laing urinated on a War Memorial and made a national fool of himself (See multiple Facebook groups for the hate backlash), the memorial was heavily guarded and multiple rules imposed. THEY TOOK MY MARKER PEN on the grounds that it may be used to deface things in clubs. Carnage said to the BBC that free soft drinks are available at all bars on the crawl which is clearly a lie since I enquired about the price of Coke at “Sheffield’s only superclub”, Embrace, after being quoted the price of £6.50 for a double vodka and red bull- hah. To the girl that tried to write her number on my top, where’s the rest of the digits…?

Nineties cheesy pop is also quite big up here at union nights. The day after my birthday I went to see Scott from boyband 5ive versus Bradley ‘The black one’ from S Club 7, who I subjected to drunken abuse after saying that all the posh kids go to Sheff Uni and daddy pays their fees :/

It then led me to think “how long until the ’90s becomes the new ’80s and becomes and worthy of retro clubs like Reflex”, that my Croydon people will be happy to hear has a club in here in ‘sunny’ Sheffield! I found such a club called Babylon but am yet to go there.

Another rant about Embrace was the same that me and my flatmates set out with free drink tokens which we looked forward to cashing in, to our disappointment we were given mini shots of vodka jelly which were really hard to consume and left us all with sticky hands and angered faces! Total con seeing as the voucher actually says “Excludes Champagne, doubles and cocktails.”

Listening to some good old early morning 1xtra- good to hear Joss Stone, posh girl from Dover in Kent no longer has the fake yank accent that she used at the Brits back in ’07! >

She is still singing with it though, but I guess that’s part of her soulful style.

Ultimate WTF of the week- 2 bottles of my beloved Ginger Beer at Tesco on West Street Sheffield for £1.60, fair enough, but one bottle costs 70p? That’s an anti deal right there!

– Peace out –


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