I had a particularly gluttonous end to 2016, munching everything in sight in December – just as it should be. After my nine burgers over the month, and my trip to Berlin  a detox was needed in some way for 2017. I saw a poster on my Tube train for Veganuary that made me stop and think… View Post

This list of places to visit was originally jotted down last year but as I’ve obviously not ticked everything off yet, I’m going to carry on working through it and adding to it for 2018! There are restaurants, experiences and activities in no particular order and I will link to those I visit and… View Post

Just days before the tragic events at Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market in Berlin on 20 December 2016, Liv and I had visited the city for the first time. This was our first ever visit to Germany and although we weren’t in the city at the time of the disaster, we really felt how friendly people of… View Post

As our first ever holiday together, Liv and I ventured to Oslo in Norway. This is a part of a series of Throwback Travel posts. Having previously visited Sweden and Denmark, I wanted to tick another beautiful Scandinavian country off the list. We visited in May and it was unexpectedly hot with my other half getting sunburnt on… View Post