When I received an invite on Friday from Momentum Pictures to attend a “private screening of a SURPRISE new film”, I felt honoured and hoped for a great movie similar to when I went to the Superbad screening. “exciting new film, so hot off the press we’re not even allowed to tell you its… View Post

I’m sure most people have heard by now about the rumoured transfer of Brazilian player Kaka to Manchester City for £100m! As well as the fact that that is a hell of a lot of money, why would a(nother) Brazilian footballer who happens to be both European and World Player of the Year for… View Post

I was going to come on here to post about the downfall of Libraries, but unfortunately more pressing matters distracted me on New Year’s Eve. After a long, very slow day at work, just as we were preparing to close up, a customer finally came to get her documents printed off. Total £5.60- nothing… View Post