It’s been yonks since I’ve written on here. I’ve been caught up in the “best summer of my life”, plagued with writer’s block and have been meaning to write about a load of things (my holiday to Prague being one of them), but my laptop died an untimely death and as a result I… View Post

  Crufts and the Chelsea Flower Show, I mean really what the hell – people sit and watch these on television. What a waste of television time! Also sports like darts, can’t you just watch it live or even highlights- does it really warrant hours of prime time slots on Channels 1-5. Keep it… View Post

^Louis Theroux clip to watch before reading on^ Good old Maleven gets me every time an he is deadly serious. This is a guy that as he says “likes crime and “wants money”. His situation and upbringing is what drives him to act the way he does but I’m horrified when people in this… View Post