Nothing particularly spectacular going on in my life at this moment in time, my exams are over, student finance finally sorted out my money. I guess it’s now time to say something that every university student seems to say every few weeks or so, but “I need to get my life back on track”.… View Post

Here are some of my films to see in the next few months: Daybreakers Haven’t seen any of that Twilight stuff but I’m hoping that this isn’t anything like that. The Book of Eli The Road I really enjoyed ‘No Country for Old Men’ and the book that this film is based on is… View Post

This NYE I will not be working so no blogging about troublesome customers. However, 3 months of uni has also meant that I am bankrupt.   This year I have achieved quite a lot.   Completing 14 years of schooling! Getting into a university Meeting some great people here Getting drunk and going out… View Post

Season’s greetings from London where my night out in Central yesterday acted as an eye opener after so many nights out in Sheffield town centre. Up in Sheffvegas it’s no exaggeration to say I’m surrounded by Northerners and mediators in the North/ South divide from the Midlands. We argue over daily meals (Breakfast, Lunch… View Post