So you’ve seen some of my TV stuff. Read some of my news and reviews. You may have even read some of my creative writing. Now I present – “AIM Magazine”. You could say we slaved over this from January to June, but that might be a bit of an understatement. It was definitely… View Post

So my studying days in Sheffield will have come to an end by the time you are reading this. It’s been a great three years but flown but so fast. Sixteen years of education have culminated into this most important last few weeks of unrelenting deadlines and stress. I’ve seen some great sights and… View Post

A poem that may never be read. Look what you’ve done, You made me what I am today, Just stop take a moment and look. Look what you’ve done, With the greatest respect, I’ve talked the talk but not walked the walk of a VIP. I aim for the top, but settle anywhere, Look… View Post

Walworth Road 10.08.2011 A few snaps I took on a bus ride down back to Elephant and Castle while working at Southwark News. These were only the pictures I managed to get that weren’t blurry and I only managed to photograph the right hand side of the road from a busy bus. Nearly every… View Post