Twitter has tried to kill my blogging vibe for far too long. I won’t let it though! As I was just about to bore my few hundred followers by trying to fit this all into 140 character bursts, I remembered this poor neglected web space I call a blog… Have you ever noticed that… View Post

I’m not impressed More like depressed The commute has me feeling worthless I don’t want to regress But so much time I invest Feeling slightly oppressed Wishing there was no stress Anyway I digress Negativity just hinders progress. 26/11/2012, East Croydon Station

This is a post from July 2011 that I’ve meant to post but only now found some of the footage. As a result it’s probably not as fresh in your minds. Credit to Akala who broke this video down. He has no bad vibes towards Maverick Sabre or Professor Green. The beat is banging… View Post

Newspaper Stories found and written by me from my patch in Sheffield covering Walkley, Hillsborough, Netherthorpe and Upperthorpe. Page design also all my own work. Made on Adobe InDesign. Best viewed full-screen… Josh