It’s been a while (FOUR MONTHS) since I’ve blogged but I’m officially back! Glastonbury was in its 40th year this year and we got to experience World Cup win against Slovenia with 100,000 other revellers before heartbreak against Germany. Michael Eavis, started Glastonbury Festival back in 1970 in a small field and it has… View Post

Lectures so far have been boring. Shorthand has been tedious. Gym sessions have been non-existent. Alcohol has been flowing. Money has been going.   I guess second Semester’s gonna be a lot like the first.     I took a trip to Liverpool last night with my scouse supporting Chester flatmate to experience another… View Post

When I said the next post will be epic I had something in mind, but now I’ve completely forgotten. After finishing my exams on 25th January I had time to kill until lectures started on Monday. I took a trip to Mohassin’s new ‘home’ of Southampton to celebrate his 19th last weekend. After debate… View Post