Last month I took a week off work and travelled to Spain with my girlfriend to volunteer at a dog shelter called Scooby Medina. We landed in Madrid after a 6am flight from Luton Airport and went on a two-hour long drive to a small town called Medina del Campo near Valladolid. It is… View Post

Twitter has tried to kill my blogging vibe for far too long. I won’t let it though! As I was just about to bore my few hundred followers by trying to fit this all into 140 character bursts, I remembered this poor neglected web space I call a blog… Have you ever noticed that… View Post

So my studying days in Sheffield will have come to an end by the time you are reading this. It’s been a great three years but flown but so fast. Sixteen years of education have culminated into this most important last few weeks of unrelenting deadlines and stress. I’ve seen some great sights and… View Post

Stewarding at Glastonbury Festival For the second year in a row I decided to get involved with stewarding at Glastonbury festival. This time I didn’t just go with my best friend Mohassin like in 2010 but also my mate Joe. This year was a stark contrast in weather to the heatwave of 2010. Also, the… View Post