A few years ago decent mobile phones were the reserve of the rich kids at school with many of my friends and I not getting phones at all until around 12 or 13 years old. These days eight year-olds can be seen nattering away idly on the streets (to who I’m not really sure).… View Post

i don’t drink milk i eat dry frosties cereal i am partial to a mug of hot ribena i can’t swim i enjoy raw jelly, especially since I found at uni that it can help a hangover immensely i’m no good at tying knots   This is me…    

Lectures so far have been boring. Shorthand has been tedious. Gym sessions have been non-existent. Alcohol has been flowing. Money has been going.   I guess second Semester’s gonna be a lot like the first.     I took a trip to Liverpool last night with my scouse supporting Chester flatmate to experience another… View Post

In the words of American artist Mase, “Welcome Back” (to my blog that is). Many thanks to all of you that supported my old blog, but unfortunately for me my free hosting ran out. I’m trying to get the hang of Blogspot and the ‘g’ button on my keyboard is being very temperamental so… View Post