*The following is a creative piece of fiction I wrote and published in 2012. All events were created for entertainment. Up four flights of stairs past an out of service lift, I step into ‘V-Cuts’, the familiar hum of the clippers reassuring me. The temperature is tropical as usual and I can’t help but… View Post

A poem that may never be read. Look what you’ve done, You made me what I am today, Just stop take a moment and look. Look what you’ve done, With the greatest respect, I’ve talked the talk but not walked the walk of a VIP. I aim for the top, but settle anywhere, Look… View Post

Walworth Road 10.08.2011 A few snaps I took on a bus ride down back to Elephant and Castle while working at Southwark News. These were only the pictures I managed to get that weren’t blurry and I only managed to photograph the right hand side of the road from a busy bus. Nearly every… View Post

Titled quoted from American Beauty (1999). A film that I recommend everyone should watch. Thought I’d share this with you. Watch it full screen. A week in the life of the Milky Way: Video of the galaxy filmed from on top of Spain’s highest mountain   The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.