I have just realised how much leftover uni work I have that is just sitting in digital storage. This is like I’m metaphorically clearing out an attic. Here’s a bit of Broadcast Journalism for you! Thanks to all those who were involved with this radio package discussing the effects of alcohol and minimum pricing per… View Post

I’m not impressed More like depressed The commute has me feeling worthless I don’t want to regress But so much time I invest Feeling slightly oppressed Wishing there was no stress Anyway I digress Negativity just hinders progress. 26/11/2012, East Croydon Station

Newspaper Stories found and written by me from my patch in Sheffield covering Walkley, Hillsborough, Netherthorpe and Upperthorpe. Page design also all my own work. Made on Adobe InDesign. Best viewed full-screen… Josh

So you’ve seen some of my TV stuff. Read some of my news and reviews. You may have even read some of my creative writing. Now I present – “AIM Magazine”. You could say we slaved over this from January to June, but that might be a bit of an understatement. It was definitely… View Post