The sooner this gets a full series the better my life will be. Recommended watch on 4od. Just got one full episode at the moment. My middle name is Graeme, just saying init! Update – Phoneshop got a total of three series’ (2010- 2013) and can be watched in full on Amazon Prime Video.

After a discussion with my friend Ato we decided that all actions that people do in life is either to make money or ultimately impress others or gain respect. What do you think? YES, YOU   Another quote I picked up from a bit of wider reading:   “Journalism is a skill that can… View Post

This NYE I will not be working so no blogging about troublesome customers. However, 3 months of uni has also meant that I am bankrupt.   This year I have achieved quite a lot.   Completing 14 years of schooling! Getting into a university Meeting some great people here Getting drunk and going out… View Post

Season’s greetings from London where my night out in Central yesterday acted as an eye opener after so many nights out in Sheffield town centre. Up in Sheffvegas it’s no exaggeration to say I’m surrounded by Northerners and mediators in the North/ South divide from the Midlands. We argue over daily meals (Breakfast, Lunch… View Post