As I write this, many of my friends (or their younger siblings) are probably waking up feeling a bit worse for wear. Tiger Tiger Croydon is no more after closing its doors for the final time earlier this morning. First it was Black Sheep, then Shoosh and then Yates’s. Yes, Westfield is coming and… View Post

In 2013, during a period “in between jobs”, I took a short two week course on Global Development and the “Global South”. I must stress that I am no eco-warrior. Nor was I particularly selfless or world-conscious beforehand but a family friend of mine, Benny Dembitzer, who runs the course recommended it to me.… View Post

Image produced by Dan Williams courtesy of Ross Kemp Folds Tumblr Ross James Belshaw Kemp was born in Barking, East London in 1964 and later attended drama school. He then went on to be one half of the Mitchell Brothers in the TV soap Eastenders. His ex-wife and former editor of The Sun, Rebekah Wade… View Post

Twitter has tried to kill my blogging vibe for far too long. I won’t let it though! As I was just about to bore my few hundred followers by trying to fit this all into 140 character bursts, I remembered this poor neglected web space I call a blog… Have you ever noticed that… View Post