This list of places to visit was originally jotted down last year but as I’ve obviously not ticked everything off yet, I’m going to carry on working through it and adding to it for 2018! There are restaurants, experiences and activities in no particular order and I will link to those I visit and… View Post

After going to Hideout Festival in Croatia recently, I noticed how different festivals abroad are to those here in the UK. The first major difference was not needing wellies abroad as festivals outside of the UK usually avoid mud altogether, unlike my trips to Glastonbury in 2010 and 2011 – you could be going to pool parties in beach… View Post

As I write this, many of my friends (or their younger siblings) are probably waking up feeling a bit worse for wear. Tiger Tiger Croydon is no more after closing its doors for the final time earlier this morning. First it was Black Sheep, then Shoosh and then Yates’s. Yes, Westfield is coming and… View Post

In 2013, during a period “in between jobs”, I took a short two week course on Global Development and the “Global South”. I must stress that I am no eco-warrior. Nor was I particularly selfless or world-conscious beforehand but a family friend of mine, Benny Dembitzer, who runs the course recommended it to me.… View Post