When I received an invite on Friday from Momentum Pictures to attend a “private screening of a SURPRISE new film”, I felt honoured and hoped for a great movie similar to when I went to the Superbad screening. “exciting new film, so hot off the press we’re not even allowed to tell you its… View Post

(More light hearted than my last entry) I know I’m strapped for cash but this is why I feel a car is necessary for me at this point in time: I have a licence and feel like it’s going to waste getting dirty in my wallet. Although, I guess it is useful I.D in… View Post

I was going to come on here to post about the downfall of Libraries, but unfortunately more pressing matters distracted me on New Year’s Eve. After a long, very slow day at work, just as we were preparing to close up, a customer finally came to get her documents printed off. Total £5.60- nothing… View Post