I’m back again after my blog drought guys! News of Cesc Fabregas spitting at Hull backroom staff has been causing a bit of a storm in the footballing world. If you ask me it’s nothing- it was at his feet for pete’s sake and was probably blown way out of proportion. If you ask… View Post

I’m also not shaving for lent now as well as giving up sweets. I’m actually enjoying this random sunshine we’re having in London. It seems we’ve reached the dizzying heights of 12 degrees! Who else thinks that the idea of a fun fair in Crystal Palace is completely absurd, especially in these times where… View Post

This blog has been a long time coming I know but once again I’ve been preoccupied. Disclaimer: contains mention of rape. I now have my university application sorted for October so now I should really just focus on getting the required grades to study my Journalism course. Not currently reading “The Man Who Mistook… View Post

What a hectic week I’ve had, not as busy as the one Barack Obama may have had. But apparently this is becoming too “diary-like”, so I won’t fill you in. Apparently Kaka read my blog and decided not to go to Manchester City. I heard Barack Obama say this week on the news: “For… View Post