(More light hearted than my last entry) I know I’m strapped for cash but this is why I feel a car is necessary for me at this point in time: I have a licence and feel like it’s going to waste getting dirty in my wallet. Although, I guess it is useful I.D in… View Post

I was going to come on here to post about the downfall of Libraries, but unfortunately more pressing matters distracted me on New Year’s Eve. After a long, very slow day at work, just as we were preparing to close up, a customer finally came to get her documents printed off. Total £5.60- nothing… View Post

In the words of American artist Mase, “Welcome Back” (to my blog that is). Many thanks to all of you that supported my old blog, but unfortunately for me my free hosting ran out. I’m trying to get the hang of Blogspot and the ‘g’ button on my keyboard is being very temperamental so… View Post