Alcohol: The radio package

I have just realised how much leftover uni work I have that is just sitting in digital storage. This is like I’m metaphorically clearing out an attic. Here’s a bit of Broadcast Journalism for you!

Thanks to all those who were involved with this radio package discussing the effects of alcohol and minimum pricing per unit. (BBC story on the issue from 2013.)

I still don’t think increasing pricing of alcohol is the answer – but I’m probably slightly biased!

(Update 01/05/18): Scotland have now introduced minimum pricing per unit. We’ll wait and see what the key finding are in a few years.

This radio package was recorded and edited by me and includes two interviews, my commentary and vox-pops recorded in November/ December 2011 during my time at Sheffield University.



Alcohol Radio Package by Josh Burrell – Listen on Soundcloud


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