This is a post from July 2011 that I’ve meant to post but only now found some of the footage. As a result it’s probably not as fresh in your minds.

Credit to Akala who broke this video down.

He has no bad vibes towards Maverick Sabre or Professor Green.

The beat is banging especially when I’ve heard it performed at festivals or in clubs with a good soundsystem.

But really, what was Professor Green thinking when he either wrote these lyrics or decided to perform them on a single?

Record labels allow this. TV channels play this. The police allow songs like this but cancel so many other rappers tour dates for rapping about similar themes and topics. I’m not saying it’s right to rap about shooting and killing each other but it seems to be one rule for one and one for another
Here is a short clip of the free talk which I attended at the London South Bank Centre in July 2011 with my cousin Dom.

The rest of it was really insightful and interesting and I got to see this live performance with  as well which was really cool. (This footage is from another performance)

The sound of the West African Kora was very unique and the harp-like instrument was like nothing I’d seen before.

I’ll leave you with this SB.TV F64 and Fire in the Booth including some of the realest talk I’ve heard in a while.


“If MTV said, drink prune juice. You’d start hearing that in tunes soon”


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