London Madness

Walworth Road 10.08.2011

A few snaps I took on a bus ride down back to Elephant and Castle while working at Southwark News. These were only the pictures I managed to get that weren’t blurry and I only managed to photograph the right hand side of the road from a busy bus.

Nearly every shop was affected by the events of the London Riots this week. It needs to stop!


There were some other images I also didn’t expect to see…

About ten riot vans speeding to the next emergency. Including those new heavy duty bombproof looking vehicles.


Police stopping for a re-up at Peckham Petrol station

On a trip to Surrey Quays to get some vox-pops, I also saw shops inside the shopping centre which had also been targeted by looters. Currys staff were working tirelessly to clear the store in the hope of reopening by Friday. The T-Mobile shop was also looted while other phone shops removed all working display models. JD Sports had its window smashed but looters weren’t able to gain access.

Decathlon outside the centre had been broken into through the cafe, where food was stolen. Looters even stole bikes that were for sale as well as staff bikes from the secure locker room.


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