Uneventful yet eventful summer

This too was written a few months back but still wanted to share it…

So… it’s been six weeks now since I began working in the city taking photographs of tourists with waxworks at Madame Tussauds and there has been little to share of my life other than working and sleeping (mainly on trains).

Some tales to share however are the journeys to and from work which always seemed to have some highlight.

Me eating fruit on the swanky new London Overground trains then realising that there is nowhere to dispose of it other than waiting until the next stop to throw them onto the tracks is a daily occurrence.

The Waterloo Station train announcer like “Ready to Rumble” ring announcer Michael Buffer, “This train is readyyyy tooo depart… pleaase stand cleaaarr”

The Chelsea fan getting his head fully slammed in the doors after the community shield match. Serves the bastards right for clogging up my trains and making my walk to the station a mild inconvenience.

The Chinese couple running for the train who got split up by the closing doors. Her face was left looking like her cat had just died.

Me falling asleep (many times), luckily on this occasion it was on the last train to West Croydon and not the Brighton or Gatwick train. :/

Losing my brand new phone one night and somehow then waking up in Willesden, completely other side of the river and a part of London I had never been to.

Padlocking my locker at work with someone else’s padlock and almost having to get on the tube home wearing the Madame Tussauds uniform before having to get their padlock cut off with bolt cutters.

There are more stories but I forget and am tired. Met some great people at this job and kind of miss it.

Hope you enjoy the new blog layout too!


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