Glastonburrrrry 2010!

It’s been a while (FOUR MONTHS) since I’ve blogged but I’m officially back!

Glastonbury was in its 40th year this year and we got to experience World Cup win against Slovenia with 100,000 other revellers before heartbreak against Germany.

Watching a rare England win at Glastonbury

Watching a rare England win at Glastonbury – World Cup 2010

Michael Eavis, started Glastonbury Festival back in 1970 in a small field and it has grown ever since. He makes enough money each year to live the rest of his life but gives to charity and enjoys putting on his festival which now sees hundreds of thousands of visitors.

I also cocked up on the food front as a baguette is clearly not enough food for two people for 5 days! (Barring some Jesus-esque sharing)

Here’s my analysis of the music I saw (In no particular order):

Gorillaz 22:00 23:45 Pyramid Stage Friday- missed due to working a shift. Apparently Snoop Dogg made an appearance to come and freestyle to ‘Clint Eastwood’.

Dizzee Rascal 20:00 21:00 Pyramid Stage Friday- I was so glad that that James Corden twat didn’t come out for a cameo. I started off unsure about the set because he was doing some acoustic shit and ruining some of his good old stuff a la ‘Stand Up Tall’. Brought out Florence for a performance of ‘You Got the Dirtee Love’. We were treated to a proper mosh pit for when he came back out and did ‘Bonkers’! The crowd here as expected was mainly like 16-20 and a few guys had to catch an elbow.Went mad when he performed ‘HEAVY’ and was one of the few people rapping along and getting on it.

Vampire Weekend 18:30 19:30 Pyramid Stage Friday- Really did not like or enjoy this performance, quite possibly the most uncomfortable hour of my life. We were only trying to keep our good spot for Dizzee’s performance. They only had two vaguely listenable tracks and they also looked very gay but I guess it’s not my type of music.

Snoop Dogg 17:00 18:00 Pyramid Stage Friday- Amazing performance, banger after banger. He had a huge and diverse audience and managed to appeal to everyone including the “sexy ladies” who flashed him.

Willie Nelson 15:15 16:30 Pyramid Stage Friday- To get into the spirit this is when I decided to drink most of my whiskey šŸ™‚ Pleasantly surprised by some of his songs- he has an enjoyable back catalogue.

Corinne Bailey-Rae 13:45 14:40 Pyramid Stage Friday- Unexpectedly good once again. The weather was really nice and it was good to chill out for a little bit. Thoroughly enjoyed this and she’s a very pretty woman in the flesh too.

Femi Kuti 12:15 13:05 Pyramid Stage Friday- A Nigerian musician that I had never heard of before but they had good energy and were crowd pleasing. Good Saxophony and playing from the rest of the live band and the booty shaking was also a bonus. I loved the song ‘Bang bang bang’/ ‘Beng beng beng’. Was treated to the fact that “Kuti” basically means “bitch” in his language.

Rolf HarrisĀ -Rolf basically was treated to opening the main stage. Had everyone singing. Had beatboxer, BB Harris, as well who I’m sure I saw driving a coach another day while working on shift. Rolf is an 80year old that I questioned how much material he had but he definitely delivered in that respect. (Even saw the same set a second time at Bestival in September!) Paedophile

Muse– thought they were a shit band that I wouldn’t like as I’ve never specifically listened to any of their stuff, I was pleasantly surprised to recognise many of their songs even if I didn’t know any of the words. Had good pyrotechnics and light show but the instrumental solos after each number got a little repetitive. Apparently their new stuff is not as good as their proper old stuff but we got an appearance from the Edge from U2 for last song.

Shakira– the woman with the moves- personal highlight of her performance was her basically grinding on one of her speakers. Not sure if BBC footage caught that bit though. Beautiful woman and she sang well.

The Lightning Seeds – only briefly heard them while walking to another stage but obviously had to belt out my rendition of 3 Lions when they sung that.

Tinchy Stryder– heard him from my tent while waking up after the night shift, says how much of a fan I am.

Stevie Wonder 21:45 23:15 Pyramid Stage Sunday- An amazing performance! For a blind man he managed to put a smile on everyone’s face. “I’m not the type of person that wishes death on people but haters can drink some haterade and just die!”Ā His message to world leaders to make the world accessible to everyone also really touched me.

Faithless– A great performance from legends in the music scene. We were pretty far back but still soaked up the atmosphere.

Alabama 3- The lead singer approached us drunk in the car park while working a shift and we just thought she was a random, crazy, drunk smackhead. Completely disbelieved her at the time but got home and saw her pictures on the net and the band website and realised that they performed ‘The Sopranos’ theme tune. I got her “assistance” by radioing in my supervisors.

Sub Focus weren’t there playing when we got there, perhaps there were technical difficulties, but it would have been good to see them live because I really like their album.

Missed Chase and Status– saw them quite a few times at uni during first year. I would have loved to go mad to ‘HEAVY’ again though.

Mistajam– wasn’t really in the mood at this point after a long day so had to sit down and chill but he was doing well. Got everyone having fun with musical statues to dubstep and grime tunes.

Giggs– Represented South London to the fullest. Brought out Shola Ama to perform ‘Blow ’em Away’. Giggs really went all out as he was performing his first ever festival, didn’t look nervous at all. Buck was there as well to support the big man. I was the only one really rapping along- especially during his new tune ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’. BUY the album people. Good performance and a “positive look” as he kept reaffirming. ‘Talking the Hardest’ was big and Skepta came out to MC on ‘Look Out’ as well

chiddybang– Were okay, just okay though. Again not really my type of music. More aimed at the kiddies hence why they played in that stage where there seemed to be like an average age of about 16 or 17.

SkeptaĀ – I was expecting all of Boy Better Know after Ras Kwame was hyping him up beforehand. No Jammer no JME and no sign of Frisco. solid performance though. Did all his new stuff but would have liked to have seen some proper old school Skepta or even ‘Dark’.

Scorcher– Good again but was apprehensive about the set when he started off with ‘Lipsin Ting’. I definitely wasn’t wrong to be as average age here seemed about 15.

Mixhell– Had never heard of them but their combo of drums and djing worked very well and the woman was giving me ‘the eye’all the way through. I’m definitely a fan.

Neville Staple– Alright but not for me.

Dub Pistols– Were good, had an established fanbase so quite an old crowd. But Glasto was their chance to reach out to people like me. I was expecting a bad dubstep act by the name but was surprised with a reggae sort of feel and some Drum n Bass style MCing. Lead singer was cracked out though but it was a good laugh and he was hyping the crowd. I quote “when you take pills just make sure you drink lots of water” The woman that came out and performed ‘Just be good to me’ looked messy.

Narrowly missed Prince Charles as he entered at the gate down from the one we were doing stewarding. Remember hearing over the radio, “Prince Charles is here with 3 cars but he doesn’t have any passes or a wristband, can you just let him in though please.” LOL! We did get to guard the house of Michael Eavis, GLASTONBURY FOUNDER and owner of all the fields and also met his daughter, Emily, who co-runs the festival.

Jakwob 15:30 16:30 Wow! Saturday – Out raving in the sunshine to a young DJ that I really rate playing out of a giant pineapple. He makes music I don’t like into tracks that I do.

The Ratpack 01:30 02:30 Wow! Sunday- We got very lean and stumbled out on our last night to see what was going on. We got lucky with the ratpack, nice remix of ‘Use Somebody’ at the end in a tent full of hardcore pillheads.

Beardyman 20:00 21:00 Wow! Thursday – Only heard him from the back of tent, couldn’t see him and the soundsystem was really lacking here. Got quite pissed off cos it was so rammed so ended up leaving.

Boy George 21:00 21:45 Wow! Thursday- Heard from afar while waiting for some people who did go to see his set. They assured me he was good, I wasn’t so sure.

Roll Deep plus Guests 20:35 21:00 BBC Introducing Tent – Shockingly bad performance and came out on a boyband tip. Used to rate J2K and Manga more before this but Donae’o who was also a guest actually put on a better show than all of them put together. I liked his new song ‘I’m Fly’ hence why you see me happy as larry during the performance but plainfacing all the way through Roll Deep. We also saw Dappy from N-Dubz backstage and so happy he didn’t come on because I despise him. Jodie Connor was looking nice though.

Pussy Parlure another tent we wanted to go to all weekend was always rammed out so couldn’t see many good acts that were playing there. Loved the drunk girl grinding with the giant plastic blocks at Cube Henge though, endless entertainment. Apparently Kylie Minogue came out for Scissor Sisters but I definitely didn’t wanna see those guys. We stood near a South Korea flag guy that must have had the same spot every day and just stayed for like every performance, however, the best flag had to be these scousers we met with Clay Davis from ‘The Wire’ that they had madthemselveslf. SHHHEEEEEEIT

What a week! Bring on 2011…


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