What is this monstrosity?

World Cup songs have gone so far downhill!

I respect Dizzee Rascal’s hustle in the sense he’s made grime, some very successful pop stuff and even one of my personal favourite tunes at the moment with his collaboration with Chase and Status on ‘Heavy’, which has a very dubby feel to it.

Although this is only the unofficial song and royalties will be donated to charity, I have no idea what Cowell or Dizzee Rascal were thinking with this.

This song is meant to represent England and inspire the players. After listening I have realised it is actually three really bad songs in one. Dizzee is way off in his delivery here. At the start I was questioning why he was telling football players to put down their shanks (knives), but he actually said champs (champagne). Not really a sing-a-long classic.

I am annoyed that James Corden has the audacity to try and do music (even if it could be said that it is not a serious attempt at chart topping) when he’s already irritatingly invaded everything on television. Him and that Matthew Horne (who my student union have decided to book for a second appearance of the year at the end of exams party!) are both lacking in talent and also annoying. Neither are that funny in my opinion and one is really only famous for being a fat b*****d. (See my hate for them in my blog about their “FILM”)

I guess I may have even enjoyed ‘Gavin and Stacey’ or at least given it a chance if it didn’t star these two mugs!

Best of luck to England in the upcoming World Cup, although realistically, I feel the next time we’ll see another star on the England shirt could be as late as 2066. Hopefully we can conjure up something better musically if we get the opportunity to host the World Cup.

Bring back the full original ‘World In Motion’ avec John Barnes rap I say.


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