Semester 2

Lectures so far have been boring.

Shorthand has been tedious.

Gym sessions have been non-existent.

Alcohol has been flowing.

Money has been going.


I guess second Semester’s gonna be a lot like the first.



I took a trip to Liverpool last night with my scouse supporting Chester flatmate to experience another city I’ve never visited. We got into Liverpool around 4.30 after going straight from lectures.

We basically sampled a few pubs and bars for a few (many) pints and then on to O’Neill’s for Arsenal vs Liverpool. (1-0). All in all a good night, Flanagan’s was my favourite of the pubs but Jamie Carragher’s sports bar was the most high class place we sampled at £3 a pint (still cheaper than many in London).


Got into Manchester around midnight with an hour to kill before our connecting train and got some Burger King, then went directly onto Sheffield.


All in all a good trip.




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