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McDonalds - Strand

Season’s greetings from London where my night out in Central yesterday acted as an eye opener after so many nights out in Sheffield town centre.

Up in Sheffvegas it’s no exaggeration to say I’m surrounded by Northerners and mediators in the North/ South divide from the Midlands. We argue over daily meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), pronunciation (grass and “grarse”) and even what to put on your chips.

Nothing like a bit of healthy debate. The one thing that we tend to agree on is London. Although it has its ups and downs most people I’ve met would like to live there or at least visit. However, last night’s visit justified my decision to move away from here for at least the next three years.

After getting off the train at London Bridge and being told Wednesday would not be a good night for clubbing in Central London I thought we should at least chance Leicester Square seeing as it was Christmas Eve, eve. We got there in the rain at around 1.30 and as we approached the entrance to the square we found ‘OXYGEN Bar‘.

The online description of the bar as,

A breath of fresh air in Leicester Square. Spread over 3 floors, Oxygen has everything a night needs; a trendy terrace to soak up the afternoon rays; a chilled and refreshing main bar, with lots of seating and room to dance, this area is a recipe for an electric night! The Lounge bar produces the perfect setting next to fire places from the corporate to the most intimate of events. No night is complete without a large dance floor accompanied by DJ’s who are guaranteed to get you dancing every night!  

Our basement club creates a energised atmosphere garnished with a dark sexy vibe. We have three very different but equally enticing bars to suit all moods and occasions all under one roof!

would be enough to attract even the most discerning of party animals.

This coupled with the sales patter of the guy outside trying to draw us in with discounts and promises and my want for a night on the town meant I was re-entering a club I swore never to revisit after a previous bad experience if only to give it a second chance on a “studenty night”

I saw about ten women in the whole club- far less than the ‘loads’ promised, especially considering there were at least 60 men!

Drinks were a very reasonable price for London but still ridiculous in comparison to the great student deals elsewhere in the country.

The music left a lot to be desired and the crowd moving along to it seemed far from being students unless they were all international and very ‘mature’. All this and the top floor wasn’t even open after all this.

Needless to say we left before closing time and managed to drive others away from the guy that persuaded us to go in.

To wind down we got post-club McDonald’s.

  • My £1.99 voucher was not valid after 11pm
  • Six Chicken Nuggets Meal was not sold after 11 either- only the 9 meal for like £5.60
  • I settled for 9 nuggets with no chips and a regular drink for £3.98 refusing to pay 20p for Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce!

The night ended with a tramp smacking a man to the floor with two punches for “mocking man” before saying “TASTE YOUR BLOOD!”

Since when has it been commonplace for a fast food restaurant to NEED bouncers and even have to call for community police?

Man, I love London 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all


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