“I Love College” HAYYY

It’s been yonks since I’ve written on here. I’ve been caught up in the “best summer of my life”, plagued with writer’s block and have been meaning to write about a load of things (my holiday to Prague being one of them), but my laptop died an untimely death and as a result I haven’t been able to.

Prague Opatov Tower Blocks

Today I learnt an important lesson,

Don’t drink heavily before a full day of lectures. I was absolutely hanging!

This uni malarkey really is awesome though. Freshers week was amazing- a bunch of great nights and met even greater people- even if names do escape me at times! RIVERSIDE MOTHERF*CKER!

I’m living on very little sleep but it’s all good as that’s what weekends are for. You really do appreciate how much noise three or four drunken people can make when you’re up at 3.35 am.

University Bedroom

I’m feel like a bit of a geek at the moment because I’m actually enjoying my lectures (to an extent) in Journalism, Philosophy and Sociology 🙂

It is meant to be the best few years of your life but I’m struggling to think of a time when I’ve really enjoyed education.

Shorthand however is one aspect of my course I feel is going to challenge me.

I guess the longer I put it off the less likely I am to get to 100words per minute of crazy symbols!

I think another trip to the party that is the student village laundrette is on the cards for me soon.

Still staying strong as a twitter-phobe but my Facebook status updating has probably become pretty annoying since I’ve started at Sheffield University.

(I’ve realised how basic my blog is from being here with other journos)…


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