Crufts and the Chelsea Flower Show, I mean really what the hell – people sit and watch these on television. What a waste of television time! Also sports like darts, can’t you just watch it live or even highlights- does it really warrant hours of prime time slots on Channels 1-5. Keep it to the sports channels at least.

Eurovision- what a joke that is! The UK did alright this year actually.

I want to be a journalist as some of you may know, or maybe my literary interest wasn’t made blatantly obvious. Anyway, DVD review magazines are also quite funny. I read one in the dentist a few weeks ago, true boredom!

Each review is basically a copy of a film review but 6 months later with the addition of like which special features have been included. Seems like easy work to me.

I didn’t even realise until I’d finished flicking through that it was from 2007!

Why are DVDs still like £10 though. It’s almost as if they are forcing people to download films.

It’s not all hate right about now, I’m actually loving the racially biased KFC from a while back- I got free sauce thrown in no asking needed, a white guy there had to ask and pay. Why do they charge anyway? How can they slap!

Anyway I’m sure there’s somewhere I’m meant to be right now or some beverage I should be consuming? ¬¬


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