APRIL Update

Some of my trusted followers were figuratively foaming at the mouth at the thought of a new blog entry so here you go 🙂

Finished the mountain that is ICT coursework.

Anyone that says ICT is a soft subject/ easy A-Level really should rethink that ‘touching sentiment’. The three of us in the class have worked tirelessly to complete this despite an aggravating change of teacher halfway through the year. I know that certain subjects such as ART, D.T, P.E. and MEDIA are usually looked down upon in terms of A-Levels but in actual fact I feel it is the effort put into a subject that defines its difficulty. Even the ICT exams are more than simply the common sense questions asked at GCSE level- having the OCR exams board also makes everything a lot worse.

Half of these subjects are becoming redundant in my place of education due to lack of interest or the fact that “it’s not viable to run lessons with class sizes this small”. I’m happy to be in one of these elite small classes and the school can go and F**k itself for all I care. UNIVERSITY COMING SOON FOR ME.

Oh well, it’s been a busy month for me hence the lack of posts on here and now that I’ve put myself on “lockdown” I guess May is going to be very dead. I’m going to have to focus on Revision and work seeing as that is all I’m going to be doing!

X:Men Origins: Wolverine should be a good watch I may do another film review on that…

Enjoy the last few days of April – I want to see loads of comments!



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