Just a FEW Reasons why I NEED a Car

(More light hearted than my last entry)

I know I’m strapped for cash but this is why I feel a car is necessary for me at this point in time:

  1. I have a licence and feel like it’s going to waste getting dirty in my wallet. Although, I guess it is useful I.D in clubs and pubs.
  2. The bus is unreliable and cold. If I had a car I’d have both the privilege of proper lie-ins and heating that I can control.
  3. Lack of headphones or an MP3 player mean that I ride the bus with no musical entertainment at all, often alone.
  4. These kids on the bus probably think I’m their age when they’re screaming and having idle conversation, annoying me more and more with every syllable. With a car I could escape it all.
  5. My punctuality would massively improve. I’d never be late to meeting people again!
  6. Imagine it- just me, 4 friends and the open road, venturing around London and the U.K.
  7. I’d drink alcohol a lot less thus improving my physical fitness and life expectancy.
  8. I could save the environment by carrying multiple friends at a time and even earn some extra money by charging a small fee.
  9. I’d have an extra place to sleep if I don’t feel like coming home.
  10. I’m sure it would just be one big adventure and what would be more ‘jokes’ than ME behind the wheel?
  11. Trips to IKEA without the possibility of being late back to school in free periods. (mmm, 97p breakfast)
  12. I could store and carry stuff and generally clear out my house. (That one is to you Mum!)
  13. An opportunity to escape when I get bored of home- at any time, on any day.

If you can help me wire me the monies to george-addgdwengo@fonejacker.com (Disclaimer: Don’t actually do this)

I guess I’ll have to settle for using the free London bus travel until uni and then extortionate travel prices for the next 3 years.


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